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Spiritual Abuse
silence will let evil win, so I’m screaming
the dangers of biblical counseling, part one, two, three, four, five
spiritual abuse and how it shaped my identity
learning to live with not knowing
in which I’ve poured my soul out
healing can start when we ask why
on taking a break and being angry
speaking the truth in love
the supposed myth of teenage adolescence
the commandment with promise
choices and being allowed to make them, part one, two, three
cloistered fruit: (not) and open letter to the Pearls
ravening sheep: child abuse in the church
struggling to find a safe place in church
the voices in my head are in my Bible, too
it’s not the rules that are the problem
going to the Faire
15 things not to say to a recovering fundamentalist
things you should say to a recovering fundamentalist
fundamentalism as methodology
the dangers of redemption
raised to be a monster
I couldn’t ignore the love
victims and abusers, and why church is not safe
hoping to help bring change at church, part one, part two, part three, part four
and yet another internet controversy: going to church

prince charming, part one, two
understanding, communication, and being wrong
the importance of being a safe harbor
playing hard to get and being pursued
iron sharpeneth iron, part one, two
why “talk”? why not just get married?
courting a stranger
how I learned to stop worrying and love listening
help! my parents are duped!

faith of a child
straight and narrow paths, and how I left mine
love, and how it saved me
taking things literally and why that’s a bad idea
the day I watched my god die
the day I saw my God rise from the dead
this do in remembrance of me
looking for monsters under my . . . theology
having my cake and eating it, too
faith of our fathers
parable of the tenants
I don’t know what I think about the Bible
Marin Luther might have made a huge mess
a good tree cannot bear bad fruit
not every verse in the Bible is about you
the magic book
a peculiar people
creeds and reeds
patterns of abuse

Christian fundamentalism: a history and a discussion

facts, and how being a know-it-all can be a good thing
distance, disconnection, and leaving fundamentalism
having questions, finding answers, and how fundamentalists don’t like that
church hopping is good for the soul
uphill battles and feeling like Sisyphus
walking through the woods in wonder
on contemplating tone and direction
why are we leaving the church?
goldilocks and the sun
my time as an agnostic
and yet ANOTHER post about millennials
fundamentalists, evangelicals, and certaintydoubting my salvation
why I’m not observing Lent
discovering the will of God
can I call myself a Christian?
the Bible and my house of cards
Social Issues
the power of “it’s only a ___” and how privilege hides
red, part one, two
whispers, rumors, and defending justice
centered on love– and learning to show it
fun and learning to have it
character growth and learning to recognize it
racism, privilege, and blindness
the sky is falling, overreactions, and facts
the first time I voted in a presidential election
why I’m not particularly worried about being nice

one time, I had a crush on a girl
celebrating the fourth
how I learned to stop worrying and love the pill, part one, two
how I learned to stop worrying and love: empathy in politics
modesty rules and transphobia
the awesome power of the gender swap
ordeal of the bitter waters
I used to be a homophobic racist, too
rage and grace
being a progressive, being an optimist
church statistics and abuse
blessed are the peacemakers

Literature & Art
relative relationships, and why confusion can be healthy
spectacles, seeing it God’s way, and why books are bad
escaping complementarianism through escapist literature (why I read romance novels)
how I stopped worrying and learned to love Deconstructionism
book burning and the devil’s music
why fundamentalists hated Harry (hint: it wasn’t the magic)
importance of being honest
laughing in spite of . . .

on how wearing pants didn’t turn me into a hooker
roses– how the purity culture taught me to be abused
saturation, or “how sexism is everywhere”
good and bad advice, and the education of women
realizing that I had a dream, and that I could chase it
flight– leaving the fundamentalist nest
ownership, patriarchy, and why it’s important
yes, no, and how feminism taught me to say both
guarding your heart and victim blaming
caring for raiment and loving fashion
reading and other reasons why my jaw hits the floor. also, snark.
ramblings on esoteric and practical questions about gender
black lace and thigh highs
a fate worse than death
the bikini and the chocolate cake
future husbands: your future wife does not belong to you
my first step toward feminsim
why I don’t think sexism is a two-way street
my body is not a stumbling block
he would say I “cried rape”: false allegations and rape culture
objectification, lust, modesty, and … designer brands?
wrong answer
tent spikes and other spectacular things
first kiss: why rape myths are so dangerous
sexual abuse, rape, and sexual coercion
songs and ballads and true knights
lace, tulle, ribbons, satin, — and why I love it all
amusing tidbit from history
chivalry is dead, but civility is very much alive
standing up for women in public
let’s talk about drunk women and sex, take two
what fireproof and twilight have in common
virginity is a myth
false dichotomies: “homeschooled girls vs. feminists”
why I am a Christian feminist
throwing feminism under the bus
pro-life advocates and the buffer zone
why believing matters: child sexual assault and rape
myths I believed about women of the Bible
this is what victim blaming looks like
marriage as a blood covenant
that “dating your dad” thing
Nightling Prime and purity balls
why purity culture doesn’t teach consent part one, part two

Complementarianism and . . .

Depression & Self Care
existence and subsistence
learning to take care of myself
laughter and letting it go
how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Psalms, part one, two, three
living reminders of uncomfortable realities
when I actually am worried about being nice
self-care, depression, anxiety, guilt, and laziness

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  1. Your link to “the first time I voted in a presidential election” got combined with
    “why I’m not particularly worried about being nice”

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