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Spiritual Abuse Survivor Network

Through cross-promotion and collaboration, the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network is a powerful way of supporting and promoting spiritual abuse survivors in our individual blogging efforts.  We are working together toward a shared goal of increasing awareness of this issue of spiritual abuse – the control, the confusion, the devastation, our struggles, our triumphs, our survival and recovery.

Rather than being territorial and sectarian (as was the modus operandi of the abusive religious groups from which we have escaped), the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network employs the proven, non-abusive strategy of teamwork to gain more visibility for all the individual survivor blogs – in this manner, we make more of a collective impact on Google’s radar so that the search engines direct more people to read about this issue of spiritual abuse.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the number of spiritual abuse survivors starting their own blogs – so many awesome, enthusiastic writers who deserve a significant platform. The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network is committed to helping these survivors succeed.

From the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network


I am unspeakably proud that this network exists. I’m proud of those who are a part of it– for not only seeing the truth of what happened to them, but speaking out about it. The only possible way to end this is not through vitriolic campaigns, or hate, but through thoughtful, honest communication. Below is a list of the blogs that are a part of this network.

I hope that you will read what they have to say, even if you were not a victim of this type of abuse.

No Longer Quivering
Roadkill on the Information Superhighway
Love, Joy, Feminism
The Phoenix and the Olive Branch

Wordgazer’s Words
Incongruous Circumspection
Permission to Live
Baptist Taliban and Beyond

Mari’s Muses
Past Tense Present Progressive
Naked Wildflowers
Hopewell Takes on Life!
The Way Forward
Becoming Wordly
Quiver Full of Information
Rethinking Vision Forum

ACCN Australia

17 thoughts on “Spiritual Abuse Survivor Network

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  4. I don’t always write about my experiences within the IFB cult on my blog, but I talk about it quite a bit. Is there a way of getting my blog linked with these? Are there requirements or guidelines or anything?


  6. Hello Samantha,

    I was hoping to share your experience to my school and peers. I am creating a club called RISE that will focus on sexual assault on campus. I attend a private Christian university, and I am totally blown away at how our crime stats show that students are not reporting this issue. I hope that in creating this club, and raising awareness about this to my campus will encourage students to hopefully reduce the potential of violence against women on campus, improve gender relationships, and change the perspectives and mindsets of my school community. I first wanted to double check with you if it was alright if I gave out your name and your experience. I was able to read the article written about your experience on vice, but I felt the need to confirm with you first. Also, I know it may seem too weird if I asked for a picture, but I really wish to tell a story and provide proof to students that events like this DO happen on faith-based institutions. I’m not sure if you will be able to write back to me soon, but I hope we can speak more about possibly using you as an example to influence others around my area.

  7. Also thank you for your courage. I know that your story definitely moved me towards taking action at my campus and creating preventative methods on this issue.

  8. I’m glad that this network exists. I knew about some of the blogs listed here, but not all of them. They are surely needed. Bloggers Lori and Ken Alexander promote spiritual abuse and ignorance on a regular basis. The Alexanders proclaim Christianity, but they are terrible witnesses in so many ways. Several Christians (and non-Christians) have talked to them about their gross misapplications of headship and submission and how that can enable abusers. However, they refuse to acknowledge or correct a lot of the things they have written. Their promotion of spiritual abuse is so blatant that some ladies over at free jinger (a mostly secular site) have regular conversations about it. I myself have written them about some of their gross misapplications of scripture and how that can promote and enable abuse. However, they tend to delete comments that question or don’t “amen” what they promote. For example, they continue to praise and promote Debi Pearl’s book although that book has been linked to child abuse and murder.

    Here’s a recent comment from one of the ladies at free jinger, “Yesterday, a woman shared that she’d been raped/sexually abused, and it was interfering with her ability/desire to have sex with her husband. Instead of encouraging individual/joint counseling or something, Ken pipes up with, “It is hard to have to run down rabbit trails all the time when teaching God’s truths when for the vast majority of couples the solution to God’s command is obvious: ‘Stop depriving one another.’ It is God’s command and He tells us his commands are not burdensome.” Another poster tells her that she just needs to forgive the rapist/abuser and her sex life will be fine. And then to put the final schmear of icing on this shit cake, Lori makes a whole post today ranting about the commenter’s “red herrings.” I used to think these two were just whackadoos, but they’re downright malevolent. They’re evil.”

    I shared all that to say, people who promote and enable spiritual abuse are terrible witnesses for Christ. They do so much damage. I wish someone would make the Alexanders take down their blog. Taking down a post or 2 wouldn’t be enough in their case.

    With that being said, thank you and the rest of the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Network for all the valuable work that you all do.

  9. Just letting you know it looks like your links are not going to the right place. It seems like several blog titles are sharing a single link.

    For instance – everything from “No Longer Quivering” through “The Phoenix and the Olive Branch” goes to The Phoenix and the Olive branch blog.

    And everything from “Mari’s Muses” through “Rethinking Vision Forum” goes to the Rethinking Vision forum.

    (btw, thank you for running this blog)

    • Hi.

      I just wanted to let you know that the problem with the links on this page that Cereus described is still there.

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